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Vapor blasting is a non-aggressive surface prep technique that has been specifically developed for applications requiring finer finishes. Combining a thin stream of water with blasting media, vapor blasting can remove dirt, contaminants, rust, corrosion, and old paint from a a vast range of surfaces without changing tolerances.

Vapor blasting reduces abrasive consumption. Thus, it delivers a more cost-effective surface prep option. Simply put, vapor blasting is less aggressive and more affordable. 


Vapor blasting offers an environmentally friendly method of providing contaminant-free surfaces and uses limited amounts of water. It is the go-to choice for paint prep. Provides an excellent lightly etched surface for bonding within the specialty coating markets. While helping retain part form and function.

One of the clear advantages in the wet slurry process is the fact that no media is impregnated into a softer substrate like aluminum, brass and bronze.  Vapor blasting reduces the degree of surface deformation and provides a high-quality finish. The water also acts as a flushing agent that prevents the accumulation of blasting media on the surface being prepared.

Perfecting Applications Such As:

Engine Components

Carburetor Components 

Suspension Components 

Brake Components 

Carbon Removal 

Corrosion Removal 

Deburring... and so much more.